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A Chocolate beverage enriched with the goodness of cocoa can be heavenly great for the people with a thirst for chocolate. Coco High is a premium melted chocolate beverage having the rich chocolate flavour which would be a satisfying outcome for chocolate lovers.

Coco High has its roots embedded in the city of Surat, which itself is a city for foodies. So considering the judgement of food lovers at Surat, Coco High is made with great quality blended cocoa straight from its origins in Africa. This chocolate drink would be localized to begin its revolutionary journey and is envisioned on great heights of global markets in the near future.

Coco High is made with the combination of blended cocoa and the sweetness defining Indian Taste. It is a fusion of simplicity with perfection. Currently, our product Swiss Chocolate and Caffe Mocha is making its mark in the market, and we are coming with new exciting flavours in the near future.

Available in Stores

Available in Stores

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What is Coco High?

Well, to put it in simple words, it is a chocolate drink.
But when you take that first sip and sense the explosion of chocolate that is full of flavour that will give you the much needed high.

Coco High is a premium melted chocolate drink that is made with all high-quality ingredients like internationally sourced chocolate, pure milk, and other essential ingredients.

Veekas Champalal Doshi

Founder And Managing Director

Deepak C Doshi


The facts of Chocolate (Cocoa)

While cocoa beans and other ingredients such as sugar can originate from outside Switzerland, the actual production of the chocolate must take place in Switzerland. Switzerland’s chocolates have earned an international reputation for high quality with many famous international chocolate brands. Chocolate is a product based on cocoa solid or cocoa fat or both. The amount and types of cocoa solids and fat that the term implies, is a matter of controversy. Manufacturers have an incentive to use the term for variations that are cheaper to produce, containing less cocoa and more cocoa substitutes.

The Fact Behind Coco High

100% pure COCO, pressed from the same great blend as one we use to craft our finest chocolate. It has warm, red-brown color and is a very pleasant solid chocolaty taste that mainly comes from the West African bean blend that forms its base.

It’s spiced up with flavours from other African regions, Latin America and Asia. This Coco also has a very fine flavour and it is intensely chocolatey with a consistent craving indulging flavour.

As the name itself spells, coco high is blended with cocoa straight from Africa, with sweetness and flavour of India – a combination which traverses boundaries and pleases every chocolate soul. Proudly “MAKE IN INDIA”, it’s the next big thing that the chocolate industry would witness. Conceptualizing our vision to revolutionize chocolate, it’s a perfect fusion of simplicity with perfection. The Swiss Chocolate flavour going rounds, we are coming with exciting flavours in near time.

Making of Coco High

Why Coco High?

Benefits of Chocolate

Lowering cholesterol levels. Preventing cognitive decline.
Reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems.
It keeps your brain healthy & improves blood flow to the parts of the brain where it is needed.
Chocolate contains Fiber/ Iron and also has plenty of Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc & Selenium.

Keeps your heartbeat rhythmic. Chocolate comes with lots of antioxidants, good for our heart.

Cocoa, a key component of chocolate, has more antioxidant activity, polyphenols, and flavanols than any other fruits. Cocoa and dark chocolate have a wide variety of powerful antioxidants, flavonoids-helpful for one’s healthy heart. Flavanols are the main type of flavonoid found in cocoa and chocolate. In addition to having antioxidants qualities, research shows that flavanols have other potential influences on vascular health, such as lowering blood pressure, improving blood flow to the brain and heart, and making blood platelets less sticky and able to clot.

Keeps you glowing and beautiful Chocolate is a goldmine of vitamins & minerals good for our skin.

Chocolate is rich in vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E, plus iron and calcium, it nourishes your skin from the inside out to replace lost moisture. Plus, it prevents aging. Not only that, but by reducing our stress hormones, chocolate gives you a happy high and prevents the breakdown of collagen - the wrinkle-busting protein that keeps skin plump and youthful.

Makes you stronger. Magic of strength comes along with the chocolate.

Most of chocolate’s magic relies on epicatechin, one of the many naturally occurring chemicals found in cocoa beans called flavanols. A daily dose of epicatechin significantly increased one’s endurance. Myostatin is a protein that regulates muscle growth. It restricts muscle growth to avoid hypertrophy (excessive development of an organ). Inhibiting myostatin significantly increases muscle growth.



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